Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub

My favourite season, winter, is here. While it comes with a lovely nip in the air, deliciously fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, sun-warmed pullovers and jackets, it also arrives with cracked heels and dry scaly skin. I’ve tried a multitude of foot scrubs and creams, in hot water and cold, but none have been of much use for my sensitive soles. The Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub was a pleasant surprise that I received in a subscription bag. Spa Ceylon is a luxury Ayurveda brand that is obviously expensive. So I was hoping to try out the product before buying a full sized product. I must say that the cooling foot scrub has absolutely bowled me over. It’s a class apart from the other ayurvedic foul smelling scrubs or creams. More details below.



The scrub comes in a 200 g bright green tub that justifies the Mint flavour, and has a cool black lid. I received a free sample of 50 g with my bag. The flavour is soothingly minty and the scrub is coarse and grainy. It is bound to remind you of a refreshing peppermint chewing gum.


The Spa Ceylon Green Mint Cooling Foot Scrub contains the following natural ingredients that are essential:

Ocean salt and minerals – soothe and relax tired, swollen feet

Peppermint and Lemongrass essential oils – comfort, calm and refresh feet

Black Turmeric and Nirgundi – soften rough patches and soothe feet

Margosa and Virgin Coconut – nourish, hydrate and soothe rough feet

Lime peel, Drak Grape and Volcanic Minerals – help remove rough patches and hard skin, lightening discolourations


How To Use

Apply all over wet feet & massage in circular motions for 5 min, working extra on dry & rough areas. Wash off & wipe dry.

My Experience

I’ve been using this scrub for quite a few months now as my feet get rough and patchy even in the dry summers in Pune. I keep massaging the heels and other rough patches on the sole for few minutes after shower while the feet are still wet. The coarse grains are particularly useful working on the rough areas and peeling off the dry dead tissue. After washing away the grit and patting the heels dry, the rough skin feels amazingly light and smooth. And the aroma is particularly refreshing and stays for quite some time after use. If you repeat the process on alternate days and moisturise your feet properly, the exercise will give good results. Just a dab of the scrub is enough as it is a soft paste and your 200 g tub will last for more than a winter. I’m sure that is worth the exorbitant price that it comes in.


Rs 1, 100 for 200 g.

Buy from the Spa Ceylon Online store 

Buy from Amazon

About the Brand

Derived from royal relaxation, rejuvenation and healing rituals of Ayurveda, practised in the grand palaces of Ceylon, comes the range of treasured formulae and rituals from Spa Ceylon, to hydrate, treat, purify and soothe your body, mind and soul. Spa Ceylon combines Ayurveda wisdom, fine natural ingredients & contemporary design to bring you the ultimate in Ayurveda luxury – for health, well-being & relaxation.

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