Where’s the Party Tonight?

Most of us have loved this song though we might not have liked the movie with equal fervour. Whenever there’s a party lined up, the first phrase that pops in my mind is the title – ‘Where’s the Party Tonight?’ There are house parties and then there are house parties. Since all of us are slogging the whole day working, be it household chores or our jobs, it is difficult to arrange a house party on a weekday.

So what do you do when you crave for a party with superb friends on a weekday (or even on a weekend)? You, like me, would look for places to party in Kolkata. The perception even ten years back among people was doubt about any nightlife in Kolkata. Which was partly true, Kolkata wasn’t too vibrant at night for reasons unknown. But if you search on Askme dot com now, in 2015, there is no dearth of discotheques in Kolkata and places to party.


Blue Martini

Since I’ve moved into Kolkata just a few months ago, I’ve been searching for places to party when there’s no energy left to arrange house parties for large number of guests. There are easier options obviously – browse your phone or laptop, place your choices on Askme dot com and bingo! They offer so many choices that you’re spoilt and dazed for a moment. Try to filter according to your preferences and you’ll land up into a wonderful lounge or banquet for an amazing party with friends or family.

My preferences usually lie with Park Street, even to the extent that I’m a little biased towards the area. There are the oldest and best pubs and restaurants in Kolkata, with splendid food and much choice for beverages. If you search well, there are many new places which are creating a buzz in Saltlake, Rajarhat, Kasba, Gariahat and other vibrant areas of Kolkata. In a gist, you don’t need to worry about the nightlife in Kolkata now, if you know where to look at, you’ll find everything that you need, at your convenience and right near your doorstep. Kolkata is a city of 14 million people and a vast area, so rest assured, you’ll find hundreds of party places in Kolkata and gather beautiful memories with your friends.

Happy Partying!