Book Review : Sorting Out Sid

Image Courtesy: Flipkart

Image Courtesy: Flipkart

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Siddharth Agarwal a.k.a. Sid has it all a fifteen-year-long marriage, a bunch of devoted friends, and the chance to be the companys youngest-ever VP, all at the age of thirty-six
But, behind the scenes, his life is slowly falling apart, what with his marriage on the rocks, parents who treat him like a delinquent child, and overly-interfering, backstabbing friends. And thats not even counting the manipulative HR vixen and the obnoxious boss he must tackle in office.
So, when lovely, spunky single mom Neha materializes in his life, she brings into it a ray of hope. But will she cause the brewing storm to finally erupt?
Who said it would be easy sorting out Sid?


Came Valentine’s Day and I picked up this book for review. Not really a ‘Romantic’ novel per se, it has it’s own sauce of romance. Well, life is not only about traditional romance, is it?

The book is about Sid. It is his story. But it is as much a story of people cocooned around him – Mandira, Neha, Aditi – the women! Sid is someone most of us would be able to connect with – he’s not happy with his marriage, his job, his shortcomings and his love life. Sid has multiple persona, just like most of us – ‘Work Sid’, ‘Party Sid’,’Sid Uncle’, ‘Best friend Sid’, ‘Ex husband Sid.’ I particularly loved the way the author has explored each such persona and their different shades. A few people would find Sid repulsive with his beer-and-beanbag (Brownie) sessions, his unkempt ways and his fumbles at specific moments. But Sid is as normal as one can get. He laughs, he cries, he lies, he whines and he loves. He doesn’t hate, and that’s what I liked about him.

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