Book Review : The Storm in my Mind…

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“When Aryan Roy stepped into college life to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a successful engineer, little did he know that he was in for a journey of a lifetime, Anushka and Kaira turn his sojourn into a memorable one – in both good and not-so-good senses.”

The Storm in my Mind… is a collective narrative of events, habits, stereotypes and idiosyncrasies revolving around the contemporary society of Kolkata. It is a story of love as much as it is of hatred, passion, friendship, trust, misunderstandings, nostalgia and love for his city. It is the story of Aryan, his Kolkata and his mellowing heart that makes confessions of the times he has seen.


The cover. Oh, yes. It instills nostalgia into misty-eyed Calcuttans. I had, like a seasoned Bengali reader, expected helluva book from a fellow Calcuttan (or Kolkatan as they call themselves these days). But, I’m royally disappointed yet again.

Ayaan Basu had promised in the book promotions that it is going to be a great one involving the city. The first doubt which crept into me was the volume of the book. It appeared quite lean to be classified into an engaging read. But who knows, the times they-are-a-changin’ and it could well have been interesting. I braced myself up for a journey with Aryan Roy, the  protagonist, through a phase in his life. It became stressful after a few pages as the writing is quite incoherent. The sweet bonding between consecutive sentences and paragraphs is missing. It seems as if Aryan was captivated and asked to blurt out few details about his high school and college days.

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Reading by November

Well, I keep reading books every month, and loads of them. Some for pleasure, others for review. That doesn’t mean the books for review aren’t for pleasure. It is just that, the books for my own mental peace are the ones I don’t have to write reviews about.

A group of book lovers and bloggers decided to write a meme about the books they were reading that month. I had to join, for they are my friends. Here’s a (tentative) list of the books I am going to read this month. Most of them are by Debut Indian Authors as I have decided to participate in the Debut Indian Authors’ Month – Readathon 3 organized by the Tales Pensieve. The others are an addition to the list. I might add more, as they come. I’ll be updating links to the review as I keep posting them through November.

Image : Self

Image : Self

The Secret Proposal – Aniesha Brahma

The Vague Woman’s Handbook – Devapriya Roy

A Vision of Angels – Timothy J. Smith (Ebook)

The Storm in my Mind – Ayaan Basu

The Price You Pay – Somnath Batabyal

The Weight Loss Club – Devapriya Roy

Once Upon The Tracks Of Mumbai – Rishi Vohra

Caretaker – A.X. Ahmad

Love and Death in the Middle Kingdom – Nalini Rajan

Govinda – Krishna Udayasankar