First Reads Challenge 2014

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I had participated in the Indian Quills Reading Challenge 2013 without giving it much of a thought. In fact, I had set a very modest target for myself as I knew I’m a slow reader. And, I didn’t review every book I read. With all the writing and editing targets to be fulfilled, reading debut authors had become cumbersome throughout the year. Most of them came to me for reviews, I approached some of them out of my own interest in their books, others were won by me in contests/giveaways. These books have clambered for space in my cramped up old bookshelf. I had no idea a year ago that I would be reviewing books and reading such a huge number of authors for the first time.

In the wee hours of December, I think I’m ready for the next challenge. DDS of b00kr3vi3ws has come up with her next edition of First Reads Challenge for 2014. I hadn’t participated last year as I wasn’t sure about reading too many Indian debut authors. This time I’m geared with review requests and scourging new authors for interesting books. DDS has set challenge levels which makes it all the more challenging. I know I’m nowhere near the biggies of book reviews, so I’d again set a minimal target for 2014.

Challenge Level:
Amateur : Choose to read 1 – 25 New Authors
Lover     : Choose to read 26 – 50 New Authors
Expert    : Choose to read 51 – 75 New Authors
Fanatic   : Choose to read 76 or above New Authors

I’m happy with being Amateur for now, though I might upgrade the level if there’s any chance in mid-2014.

If you like to read and review, join us in this journey of reading authors for the first time and writing about their work.