Life Is One Stitch At A Time

There are some things in life that come back at a later stage, like a memory or a habit and tend to give your life a new lease. It might be a hobby or a lifestyle quirk or a forgotten custom. After I’ve spent more than half of my lifespan, one of my hobbies made a huge resurgence – embroidery.


Pattern from Indian cross-stitch book.

I think for most of us growing up in India, embroidery has been equivalent to mandatory craft classes in school that were invariably boring. I felt so, too. My mother and paternal aunts are amateur seamstresses and I used to resort to them for sewing assignments in school. I tried a few but they weren’t too satisfactory. As long as the school assignments were being made by mother/aunt, I was happy. After my high school board exams, there was a lull of three months waiting for admission into college. Something struck me, probably boredom, and I picked up a plain cotton saree, drew some motifs and began stitching. If you have any idea about sarees from Bengal, there is a novel craft called Kantha stitch and the products are amazing. It began seamlessly, although an oxymoron for a stitching habit. Once I got the hang of it, with a little tutorial from mother, I did another saree in entirety. Then came table cloths and cross stitch. I guess I fell in love for the first time in my life with cross stitch and the saga still continues.

Pattern from Indian cross stitch book

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Favourite Christmas Books and Movies

I’m participating in this amazing blog hop where I’m probably among the rare ones bereft of any crafting, DIY or cooking skills. Leaving those to the more competent and efficient women, I’ll share my Christmas favourites with you readers, many of which have stuck with me for years.

1. Home Alone (1990) 

Can our generation even dream of a Christmas without a clip of glimpse of this movie? Given the fact that the lead child actor, Macaulay Calkin belonged to the same era, we kids could very well identify with him. I still recall the year this movie was screened in our school, on the last working day before Christmas vacations. The chill and cheer in the air were enough to usher the festive season in.

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

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