Thirty Seasons of Summer

Summer is already here! As you feel the swelter and wipe the sweats, read more about summer in Thirty Seasons of Summer – my guest post today at So Much Yet So Little. Muchas Gracias to The Whitescape for selecting my article as a guest post in her blog. She’s accepting more guest posts at the moment, so anybody game, do jump in and contact her. 

Hope my readers wash down the post with a super summer chiller! 

Love (Y)our Language!

Language Matters

Which language do you speak, or read or write?

Does it matter? Yes, it does. Because there are about 6912 languages in the world now. And, every second week a language dies. February 21 is the International Mother Language Day proclaimed by UNESCO, which is to ensure that people observe, respect and remember their mother language.

Each language is a beautiful quilt of words in which it encloses its people for warmth. Each language is flown by the wings of words to faraway places. Each language is sown into foreign soils with the seeds of its words. Each language is the gift that a mother wraps her child into and presents to the world.

Know your mother language, know as many languages as possible and save the endangered languages.

This year the theme of UNESCO for the International Mother Language Day is – ‘Books for Mother Tongue Education.’


My mother language is Bengali, and whether it is the sweetest language declared by UNESCO or not – I am in absolute love with it for the sheer beauty of the language. Cheers to the only national anthem in Bengali, I’m sure many will like it.

Love is what you make of it.

About a year or two ago, it was clichéd to believe in Valentine’s Day and express all the mush in your heart.

This year it seems clichéd to be I-don’t-want-just-one-day-for-love types.

Times change. People change. Love changes too. Maybe. Or not.

There’s a stupid feeling at the core of your being which doesn’t change. Some call THAT love, others haven’t yet been able to label it. Its THAT which keeps you going on and strong for years.

Here’s my two pence on love:

Love is..(By Kim Casali) – This one was my favourite since childhood when it was a daily strip in The Statesman, Calcutta. It has all the innocence and mush that we crave for without being cheesy or sleazy.

Love is..(By Kim Casali)

Image Courtesy:

Calvin and Hobbes (By Bill Watterson) – I confess that I haven’t read the complete collection, but I try to gorge on any of the strips which come in my surfing results. C&H is the wittiest comic I have ever read or want to read.

Calvin and Hobbes

Image courtesy: World of Calvin and Hobbes

Happy Loving. Happy Reading. Happy all the Days.  🙂