Book Reviews

I read a lot of books. I’m sure you do, too. There isn’t a better way to discuss about them (well, most of them) with others than writing a review. I hope you will have  patience and interest to read my reviews and let them motivate you towards more books, old and new alike.

Statutory Warning: I am not a professional/paid book-reviewer but an occasional one.  And I am NOT the R.S. of book reviews. All the ones posted here are honest, unbiased and entirely my personal opinion.

Authors and Publishers, please read the present reviews and if you still want me to write one for you – shoot an email at 


I am back to book reviews at a very slow pace. Please shoot an email to confirm the timeline. 

All prior commitments will be published in their respective orders.

Happy Reading!

Review Policy: 

1. Owing to prior commitments, it takes about  5-6 weeks for me to read and review any particular book.

2. The author/publisher/reviewers’ programme will be duly credited at the end of each review.

3. Books received via reviewers’ programme from other websites will be reviewed within the timeline they specify.

4. Every review written by me is honest, unbiased and entirely my personal opinion.

5. My preferred genre are Fiction – Thriller/Murder/Suspense/Drama/Romance/Mystery/Humour.

6. Please contact me for the consent to review a book before sending it.  

7. I do not conduct giveaways or promotions.

8. I conduct a few author interviews depending on my schedule and willingness to interact with the author.

9. The background image used to show the rating of each book is taken from here.

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