Aniesha Brahma (The Secret Proposal)

This one’s for all young readers and for the ones who love romance. Who doesn’t like to read a novel romance novel? A good debut is something to cherish for, especially when it comes from a (then) college student.

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Image Courtesy: Google

Brief blurb:

Eight years ago, she was the teenager he would use to get out of boring parties. But now, he is stunned to see her grown up.

He decides to delay his marriage by getting into a false engagement with her. Then he falls in love with someone else and she forces him to move on. He comes back to her, but she’s determined not to take him back…

Join Tanveer ‘Veer’ Bhattacharya and Larissa ‘Jasmine’ Chakraborty as they embark on a journey which questions relationships, friendships and makes one wonder… how long would it take for love to eventually find a way?

Here’s Aniesha Brahma, the author of The Secret Proposal for live and candid for you. Read my review of the book here.




Image Courtesy: Author

Image Courtesy: Author

Welcome, Aniesha. It’s a pleasure having you here for a little chat.

Thank you, Priyanka di. 🙂  I’ve been looking forward to this interview!

  1. How does it feel being a published author at a not-so-ripe age of 22?

I signed the contract when I was 22. I turned 23 by the time the book hit the markets and it was a little overwhelming….all through my MA days, I wanted to be published before I passed out of University. I drove almost anyone who was close to me during those days up the wall…with my endless talk about the book. As for how I feel…it feels really good. But I know I still have miles to go.

  1. What made you write about Tanveer and Larissa? Who are they in real life? Why did you particularly choose them for your book?

Tanveer is based partly on my friend’s childhood crush and mine too. They’re different people. We sat and swapped stories about childhood crushes…I was impressed she had a crush for eight long years and yet did nothing about it. My crush too provided the background for Tanveer…but his character was based on someone I’d seen from close quarters. Someone who has loved taking me for a ride on every single opportunity he got.

Like many young authors, I based Larissa on myself. Only, she’s a lot weaker than I am and really silly at times too. And she realizes her mistakes a little too late. I think because her intentions are always good, she ends up winning the readers over. She’s a little headstrong though.

  1. Did you always have this complex romance in your mind or did you improvise the plot when you began writing?

It started with a brief idea at a wedding party…I was bored and I cooked up the story in my head. I put up the first chapter on <fictionpress dot com> and the response was amazing. Since fictionpress only allows chapter-wise updates, I had to end almost every chapter with a cliffhanger. In fact, one of the reason the books seems to drag a little in the second half is because my then audience were sad that the two got together so easily. The character of Neerav who had introduced to become Larissa’s confidante, ended up being the antagonist of the story. Meghan to stopped being the friend Larissa has phone conversations with and took a more solid role.

I did not have a plot outline when I was writing this story. Miraculously, I found my way back. Usually, I am unable to write stories without knowing the basic structure of my tale!

The story started with, “what if…” and ended up being The Secret Proposal.

  1. How hectic was it juggling college and writing? It is impressive for you to have managed time to write a book.

We always got the month of December off. So I used the time to my advantage…once college started in January, it got a little difficult…but I made it a point to write one chapter every day. The reviewers on fictionpress helped too. The messages flooding my inbox were incentive enough to make me write. As for college, I don’t think I studied very much in my second semester of the first year. I cannot even remember the papers I had that time! I had really good friends helping me out, reminding me to study, and at times telling me to visit the ‘real world’ once in a while.

Aniesha’s Favourite Books

The Room on The Roof The Harry Potter series
Mediator series & The Princess Diaries series
Pygmalion The Guardian Angels
  1. You are pursuing your M.Phil in Comparative Literature now and I believe you are also working on your second book. What else are your future plans (in both academics and writing)? 

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

Yes, I got through the MPhil program for Comparative Literature in Jadavpur University. It’s my sixth year now at this place…I’ve been here since 2008. I like the subject.

And yes, I am working on my 2nd book. One that deals with the rights and wrongs of being in a relationship…

In future, I would really love to complete a writing program somewhere…(read a prestigious University), and writing – for now, I’d love to have a national bestseller to my name soon. I also wish to break out of the romance genre. So maybe, I’ll write a story in some other genre.

  1. It was lovely chatting with you, Aniesha. I wish you all the success and happiness in life.

 Thank you, Priyanka di. I had a lovely time chatting with you too. I hope to see you soon 🙂

That was the young lady for you, readers. I hope she inspires a lot of you to write. 


Fun Facts from Aniesha: 

  1. I am a Virgo. And I believe in Zodiac signs.

  2. I have a pet cat named Pippo. I like writing stories about him 🙂

  3. I believe in reckless miracles, and get annoyed if someone tells me that’s stupid.

  4. My first holiday trip with friends was to Darjeeling. I fell in love with the place.

  5. My favorite author is Ruskin Bond and I plan to visit him someday.

  6. I own a lot of books and majority of them belong to the Young Adult section.

  7. I cannot stand violence – be it physical or verbal.

  8. I love the rain.

  9. Most of my stories draw inspiration from real life.

  10. My mother is the most indispensable person in my life.

  11. I am the second born daughter of my parents. I have an older sister, and she’s perfect 🙂

  12. The only places I’ve been to are Chennai, Pondicherry, Mirik, Darjeeling and Singapore.


I hope all you readers enjoyed a great conversation with Aniesha Brahma. Please stay tuned for more.

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