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We love Chinese food. Well, who doesn’t! I think every ‘Chinese’ restaurant in India should add a disclaimer in their menu or decor that the food served there is unmistakably Indo-Chinese. Rather than a pungent and bland authentic Chinese fare, the food that has gained popularity in India has been influenced to an extent by local tastes. For instance, the Schezwan variety of spiced dishes served in Indian Chinese restaurants is quite a few notches fiery in hue and palate than native Sichuan food from China. Being a lover of the red hot Schezwan food, me and M had opted to try an authentic Chinese restaurant called Sichuan in London. As we sat ourselves and scanned the menu, the overwhelming odour of steamed greens and fish sauce from hot bowls served around killed our appetite. Not only was it very strong and organic in flavours, the items didn’t look very appetising either. We realised that Sichuan is not our cup of tea, but Schezwan definitely is.

Since then, each city where we have lived for a considerable period has gifted us a decent Chinese restaurant nearby. From Sizzling China and Shang Dynasty in Bombay, Shanghai Chef in Hyderabad, China Buffet in Belfast, The Golden Empire in Calcutta to Kimling Rush in Pune – we’ve found our calling and made these restaurants richer with frequent visits. Here’s a comprehensive account of Kimling Rush in Pimple Saudagar, Pune.

Address: Shop 1, Sai Ambience, Opposite NKGSB Bank, Pimple Saudagar, Pune – 411022

Contact: 020 30189828

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Kimling Rush is a quaint little cosy place amidst huge residential complexes. Since it’s a Chinese & Thai restaurant, the decor has a lot of Buddha motifs, busts, Chinese symbols and lanterns. The wall paints and mosaic tables are done carefully and are soothing to the eye. I liked the coloured glass water bottles at each table. They added a little colour and vibrancy while you eat, chat and relax. There are wooden dividers around the corner tables.



The ambience is warm and cosy as it’s a small eatery with 5 tables in the air conditioned area and a few more in the non-ac. Due to lack of space, KR is mostly preferred by couples and small families. If you’re in a large group, do call them in advance and book a table. We’ve been there only for lunch till now, and it has always been quiet, peaceful and a little dreamy without much disturbance.


The highlight of our visits to KR has been Chopsuey. Since the Chinese Chopsuey is a little bland to our taste and looks whitish, M is not in favour of it. We’ve tried the American Chopsuey that comes with a fried egg on top, in a very attractive quantity. It is easily good for two people even if you heap generous spoonfuls. Tastes good with crunchy noodles, veggies and well cooked chicken pieces in a gravy. The Sichuan Chopsuey has a redder gravy and fiery taste. We have loved both and it is quite recommended if you visit here.

Sichuan Chopsuey

Sichuan Chopsuey


KR had a combo section in the menu at cheaper prices and good portions. I had tried it before it went off the menu for whatever reason. While the Chilly Garlic Noodles were a letdown, Chicken Dumplings certainly passed the taste test. In fact, we have ordered a Chicken Dumpling plate in our later visit and I’ve been quite satisfied with them, though the chilly sauce could’ve been much better.

Chicken Dumplings

Chicken Dumplings

There’s only one combo left in the menu now – Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay. Now this is a non-vegetarian dish with no vegetarian options. Nasi Goreng originates in Malaysia/Indonesia and is essentially a fried rice with meat or seafood. There’s an earthy flavour alright, but the Nasi Goreng at KR was a little too sweet and dry. The Satay was also under cooked and we politely asked the waiter to grill it a little more for the flavour.

Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay

Nasi Goreng with Chicken Satay

Do try the Lamb in Sichuan Style if you prefer the meat. It’s quite a large portion, shareable by two and the roast lamb is well cooked. Liked the gravy too, though HongKong Fried Rice was again a let down as it was insanely spicy with roast red chilles. I think KR needs to work on their noodles and rice a little more, they’re mostly on the drier side and lack the punch.

American Chopsuey, Singapore Fried Rice and Lamb in Sichuan Style

American Chopsuey, HongKong Fried Rice and Lamb in Sichuan Style


The waiters are helpful and friendly, though I have a little doubt if they’re very well aware in details about the items they serve. There isn’t much delay in food, most of the times it comes hot and prompt.

My Rating: 3/5

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Have you ever been here? Let me know how you liked it. 

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