Memories In March

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

Memories are best served cold. They are created while you’re young, so you can carry them inside your head till it is alive. As you grow old, day by day, it’s time to ruminate on the memories, warm them up and have them served apiece within a mundane daily routine. There are some that don’t taste the same after days or years, and then there are others that sizzle up with time and fill your senses with longing for loved ones.

Watching young ones in the family grow up is a beautiful process that enriches one and makes for endless memories. I’ve had the scope to witness my young sister-in-laws (SIL) transit from school to college and transform into beautiful ladies from cranky teenagers. For a large part though, we’ve been living in radically different cities and corresponding through occasional phone calls, text messages and holidays. The moments spent there would be hurried and sporadic, in a frenzy over a few days to soak away the minutes slowly into our togetherness. We’d catch a movie, hop off to lunches, meet at their places, our place and any other relatives nearby, sneak away time for a chat on the terrace while mothers and aunts carried on their chitter-chatter. Each holiday would remain a collage of these moments, with images popping up in our minds months later, causing roars of laughter on either side over a call.

When we had moved to Calcutta for a year, S had begun college in another part of the country, while N was on the verge of Higher Secondary exams. We had gala rendezvous at our place, mostly with N, as she lived nearby. The galas would reach a crescendo whenever S came down for her holidays. Food, fun, frolic and loads of adda would be on our list for a few days. A few photographs and zillions of moments etched in memory are retained carefully from those sessions. Durga Pujo and Diwali were spent in a fervour to catch up on lost times. We can recall each day from N passing her exams to attending first day at college. Ideally we should thank the technologies now for connecting us even more, sharing moments over Whatsapp and passing audio messages when we couldn’t call them from a foreign trip.

We can only try and accumulate a sea of our memories with S and N, but it is only a few that I can share with you here. They always bring a smile and lot of cheer to all four of us and wish we could live in the same city and meet more often to create more memories.

P.S. Happy Women’s Day to S and N, the two kids I watched grow up into pretty women.

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