Hunt for Comedy!

Image Courtesy: Live in Style dot com

Image Courtesy: Live in Style dot com

You must have already watched the AIB videos on Youtube. A huge chunk of the young Indian population thrives on stand-up comedy videos these days. These short and crisp videos provide a breather into our hectic and stressed out hours at work. From politics, sports, music, Bollywood to Indian weddings, Diwali and other festivals – these comedians have explored almost every topic that’s relevant in our lives. Shot methodically with witty and mostly sarcastic dialogues, the videos would never appear amateurish or boring.

I’m a big fan of AIB, Vir Das, Kanan Gill and keep watching their videos in a loop at times! Each of them has a unique style of presentation and their own ways to capture the audience. Stand-up comedy began in the 18th century in United Kingdom and 19th century in United States. India however was oblivious to this form of comedy in its televised media. If you somehow recall Johnny Lever performing in the show called Hope’86, that was the first stand-up comedy act in public. It has gradually evolved into comic videos ruling the Youtube in the past few years.

Stand-up comedy is a big hit with pubs and bars where comedians perform in front of live audience and gather all the applause. Take a peek at LiveInStyle and find out the list of all the pubs where they organize live shows. Then drop in and enjoy performances by your favourite stand-up comedians. When you’re stressed after a hard day’s work, a pub visit with live music and stand-up comedy performances help to relax. It’s my favourite hangout and LiveInStyle provides search for the best pubs hosting stand-up comedy shows.

Read amazing articles all about stand-up comedy on LiveInStyle and prepare yourself for…wait, what?!

You know what they’re attempting at? A Comedy Hunt on Youtube! If you think Comedy is your forte and you can be as funny as Tanmay Bhat or as witty as Vir Das, or even better than them, shoot a video and apply. You can be the next Kanan Gill or Rohan Joshi, reaching millions of peoples’ lives at a time. Dig up your inner talents and do what you always wanted to – be a stand-up comedian and present stellar humour in form of videos.

It’s a hunt for the best comedians all over India, facing challenges and creating content that is unique and laced with superb humour. So, what are you waiting for! Join the hunt for the best stand-up comedian at #StandUpComedyInStyle.

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