Surf It All With UC Browser

Image Courtesy: Indiblogger

Image Courtesy: Indiblogger

I’ve been disconnected from cricket since quite a few years now. From being an avid cricket fan and following every ODI and test that India played, I’ve been reduced to watching the occasional IPL match now. The reason being heavy workload and the breakneck speed at which life is rushing by. There isn’t much time to watch a full ODI match and follow each over, but thanks to superfast technologies, each ball can be followed now at the touch of your fingertip.

Yes, there’s UC Browser for your smartphone which has UC Cricket incorporated to let you be connected to cricket at its best. Our smartphones already have their respective default browsers depending on their operating systems, but UC Browser is a single platform which lets you connect to all the apps that you otherwise download in your phone. With a single click you can connect to all your favourite apps – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, news channels and websites, games and everything else you need – including the cricket world. UC Cricket helps you navigate all the latest and past matches, upcoming ones, scores, schedules, photo gallery and each gossip or news you’d want from cricket.

That's how it looks on my phone.

That’s how it looks on my phone.

UC Browser has a few features which I absolutely love. Were you ever worried about waking up your partner with the bright light of your phone screen while just checking a few updates on twitter late at night? UC Browser has a night vision which will dim your screen to just the right brightness, soothing your eyes like they never have. You can choose your own theme and every time you open the browser, it will bring a smile on your lips, making browsing all the more fun. Watch videos offline through UC Browser and stop worrying about your data usage. If you’ve had a tough time transferring files and music from your laptop to phone and vice versa, UC Browser allows your phone to act as wi fi and create a personal hotspot to transfer files. Cool, innit?

With Yuvraj Singh endorsing the brand, it is easily conveyed that cricket is an inseparable part of UC Browser. You needn’t watch every ball being played while attending a meeting in office, but you can sneak the updates, ball by ball, once in a while hiding from your boss’s glares. Have an appointment with the dentist and don’t want to miss the match? Don’t worry, with UC Browser, you and the dentist can watch the match together at least! They won’t let you miss a single update of your favourite teams, players and matches.

I’ve been watching the adverts featuring Yuvi and they’re hilarious, to say the least. UC Cricket is here to stay, and you’d better use it instead of lamenting on lost overs and matches. Howzzat?!

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