Of Scents, Stinks and Whiffs

Image Courtesy : BlogAdda

Image Courtesy : BlogAdda

Each household has its distinct orbit of odours. When you enter a house, the first thing that hits you is how it smells. I’ve been put off quite often by living rooms and corridors that reek of sweaty socks, possibly the worst stink in the world. Given the fact that we live in a humid sub-tropical country, it is extremely difficult to maintain a house free of any bad odour. Our food habits lead a big way into this phenomenon too.

Since we belong to the Bengali clan, our staple is fish and meat (as you may already assume)! Living in Calcutta, it is well accepted that every family cooks and eats fish, rather the exceptions are looked down upon. But in other cities, especially in other countries – I’ve been sceptical cooking fish in the apartment. While we may savour the aroma of freshly fried fish in mustard oil, I’ve heard neighbours complain and frown, which is pretty normal in the circumstances. It even happened that in our student condominium, we used to pull open the fire alarm, take out the batteries, cook our fish fry/curry and assemble the alarm again. The property laws in USA are so strict that we’d be fined and warned if the fire alarm ringed owing to the fumes while frying fish. So much for comfort food of fish and rice!

ambi purBesides our favourite fish which we blame for house odours, there are other culprits too. In Calcutta, where it is abominably humid throughout the year, the bathrooms take forever to dry and smell good. For a large family of more than four, it is impossible to keep the bathrooms dry and stink-free. Then there’s the kitchen. For a middle class family in India, food is the epitome of happiness. Whether it is elaborate vegetarian fare or the bigger offender in fish and meats, cooking three meals a day emits some stink to the kitchen. It is really a dilemma when you have guests arriving and you try to wrap up the food before they arrive, because it doesn’t leave enough time to shoo away the fumes from the household.

Here enters our hero of the hour – Ambi Pur Air Effect Air Freshener. I’ve used this new product since the last month, when I spotted it in our regular supermarket. Having used almost every air freshener in the Indian market – from aerosols to cakes to gels to the electric ones – I haven’t been happy about their results, pertaining to my home in Calcutta. None of them is capable of eliminating the mixed stinks of various objects in the rooms/bathroom/kitchen. When I began using Ambi Pur Air Effect, I was sceptical and had really lost all hopes to keep the house fresh and clean with the arriving monsoon. But it has surprised me with a great performance in every sphere.

Ambi Pur Air Effect, being an aerosol, needs just a spray or two in your room – more effective if you spray it just below the vent of your air conditioner or air cooler. It spreads to each tiny corner of the room or bathroom, and believe me, it stays for quite some time! If you have guests arriving for dinner, or when you come back from a vacation to a closed musty-smelling house – Ambi Pur is all you need to freshen it up in a few minutes.

Fresh tip: I love the New Zealand Springs among the other ones. You might try it too for a fresh springy smell.

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity atBlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur

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