Life is On Fastrack, Get One Now!

Image Courtesy: Fastrack

Image Courtesy: Fastrack

I’ve been a fan of watches since I was a kid. I used to pester my Ma to let me wear her watch at times, an old lilac-dialled Titan watch that I loved. I wore the watch to school some times, just to flaunt an elder self of mine before friends. I somehow had the idea that wearing a watch would push me into the league of seniors and not just a ten year old. Since then, I’ve tried to collect watches as and when I can. My parents gifted me a Titan when I passed the first board exam of my life, as is the custom in most Bengali households. I have about four watches from different brands which I love, but I recently spotted Fastrack watches for women that I’m yet to acquire. Fastrack is a very popular and in-budget brand for youth in India and almost all my friends have one or two watches from them. One of them is a doctor and he wouldn’t leave his favourite Fastrack even during his wedding ceremonies, casting aside the expensive watch his father-in-law gifted! I was browsing through Fastrack watches and I found quite a few of them to my liking and within a shoestring budget that we might spend on an expensive dinner. It’s better to gift these trendy and sleek designer watches to our younger siblings and cousins, especially those entering a new phase in life – be it college, a new job or a new relationship. The best thing about Fastrack is that it has amazing designs to suit varied age groups. You might like a funky one, a sporty one, or a trendy one for daily use. Fastrack has grown to be a huge iconic fashion brand since 1998 and you’ll find about 150 stores all over India now, with its presence in online shopping portals too, offering an enormous variety of products. I believe I’m getting a Fastrack watch very soon as the designs floored me already.

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