Ap(p)t Is The New Myntra!

Image Courtesy: Myntra

Image Courtesy: Myntra app

Did you know an average person checks their phone 150 times a day?

Well, I didn’t know that for a fact but I check my phone at least 100 times a day. It’s a habit we have inculcated in the post-smartphone era. The phones look good, mostly sleek with moderate to big screens, high Bezel ratio (screen to body ratio) with high-resolution display – overall, it’s a pleasure just to look at the beautiful LCD screen. My father-in-law, who isn’t nearly as tech-savvy as us, still checks his smartphone as often as possible. He loves his wallpaper, the little screensaver effects, and mostly listens to his favourite music any time of the day. He had initially resisted to using these new-age phones, but after about two years he seems to be addicted to the device. It’s no longer a luxury to him, rather, a necessity.

We are a different lot though, ones who use varied apps on their phones for online shopping and other activities. Studies show that 90% of smartphone users in India use apps.

Who are these frequent app users? About 158 million Indians, most of whom have up to 30 apps in their phones (source). Would you believe that the mobile app shopping market in India is worth $150 million each year? With so many people bingeing on apps on a daily basis, it is only imperative that online retail portals switch to only mobile apps for their business.

How is an app easier to shop?

Because you carry and check on your phone all the time.

Placing an order via an app is just a click away. You can do so while fidgeting with your phone, in a meeting, during a movie interval, while commuting in a train and even just before you fall asleep after a hard day.

There are a slew of payment methods, easiest being Cash On Delivery, in case you don’t have your credit card handy or are too lazy to punch in the numbers.

You can track your orders right in your phone. No need to pull out the laptop, type the url of the site, enter your tracking details and all those steps.

Why the Myntra app? 

Image Courtesy: Myntra app

Image Courtesy: Myntra app

It is a trusted, popular and youth-friendly brand in India.

The Myntra app’s motto is #ItsPersonal. After you create a profile, your clothing and style preferences are recorded in the app. Your likes and dislikes, the trends you follow, the brands you prefer – everything is stored and customized according to your choice.

There are over 1000+ brands and over 2,00,000+ styles – just a click away.

Myntra also provides amazing articles, fashion tips and DIYs for the fashionista in you.

I’ve already downloaded the Myntra app on my phone as it’s the most convenient shopping destination for me. We aren’t in the era any more when we shop before festivals. We’d rather shop at our convenience – any time, any where – like the Myntra app says.

Download the app on your phone now, and give it a try. #ItsPersonal

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