Open Tee Canvas

Last Diwali, our cousin came down from a distant city where she is in college. We chalked out a schedule for roaming around the city; if you know our city, Calcutta, it’s a beautiful one with some modernity strewn amongst a lot of heritage. So we went to the New Market, which isn’t that new any more, and shopped, which we normally do together. We looked for junk jewellery and cheap t-shirts. Since we live in such a hot and humid country, soft cotton t-shirts are always a priority.

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

We look for them hither and thither, in malls and in quaint shops across the street corners.If you are a tee lover, you might prefer either plain monochrome ones, or the printed ones, or the rest with graphics, sketches and slogans written all around. I normally look for light printed t-shirts in sober colours and plain borders. On the other hand, M prefers ones with graphics and interesting captions written on them. He’s finally found one, which has “NEVER DRINK AND DERIVE” with equations all over. Sis-in-law searched for some exotic ones with floral prints for summer and bright ones for fall. Paired with a classic pair of jeans, these tees are quintessential for young ones.

We did another interesting thing that you may try too. The groupfie that we clicked meeting after a long time is being planned to be printed on plain black tees. Trust me, it would look wonderful when all of us cousins wear these similar tees and hangout in family occasions or festivities. It feels close and comfortable being in your favourite company, wearing the memory that you created on a special day, carrying the happy faces on your tee. It doesn’t take much to print photos on plain cotton tees, there are many stores these days. There are online retail sites too that are selling amazing printed tee shirts of great quality and from good brands.

So hop on to buying some comfortable printed tee shirts this summer and cool off.

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