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From the author of Inconvenient Relations Simi K Rao! If you enjoyed Inconvenient Relations, you’ll love The Accidental Wife, a new contemporary romance from Simi K. Rao. Some accidents are meant to happen… Dr. Rihaan Mehta is a brilliant young neurosurgeon who has no inclination for love or marriage. According to him wives and girlfriends are annoying accessories that one can do without. But when his mother dangles the sword over his head in classic Bollywood style, he succumbs, and sets out in search of a bride who would fit his ‘requirements’. But can Rihaan deal with what he gets instead? Scroll up to buy The Accidental Wife now to experience this contemporary romance with a multicultural twist.


Snow in New York, some love and hate romance, an intelligent Indian couple and a twist in the story. If you’re familiar with or like any of these, you’ll like the book too. Simi K. Rao seems to weave her novels effortlessly, if you follow her books closely. I’ve read her earlier one, and liked it much, which made me pick up this one with much anticipation.

Simi chooses her characters carefully – while Rihaan is a typical New Yorker, Naina is our strong urban feisty lady. When they meet, sparks fly and they fly to New York together after a series of incidents and mishaps. They are married accidentally but what transpires between them is beyond explanation. They debate whether it’s really love or only biology, as per Rihaan, the neurosurgeon. Naina has a past, is a teacher and clicks photos to bring about a change. 

cbp3I like the stories Simi writes, I like her style, though I must say she has changed it considerably this time. Using a lot of Hindi words and sentences, plus adding their translations makes it a little cumbersome. I wish Simi had stuck to the style she used in her previous book, it worked for me. Hope the new style is liked by other readers too. The story gets a little repetitive at times, especially if you’ve read her previous book. There are minuscule errors, but of course. I would like Simi to write more books, and more on romance because she does it well. But just a word of caution, stick to your old style and you’ll rock.

Recommended for romance suckers.

My Rating: 3/5

About the Author:

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Image Courtesy: b00kr3vi3ws

Simi K. Rao was born and grew up in both northern and southern India before relocating to the U.S., where she has lived for several years. She is the author of multicultural contemporary romantic fiction. The inspiration for her books and other creative projects comes from her own experience with cross-cultural traditions, lifestyles and familial relationships, as well as stories and anecdotes collected from friends, family and acquaintances. Rao enjoys exploring the dynamics of contemporary American culture blended with Indian customs and heritage to reflect the challenges and opportunities many Indian-American women face in real life. Much of Rao’s down time is devoted to creative pursuits, including writing fiction, poetry and photography. She is an avid traveler and has A practicing physician, Rao lives in Denver with her family. Her published works include Inconvenient Relations and The Accidental Wife. She is currently at work on her next release.

Connect with the author and read more of her work on her website at Find her on Facebook at and Twitter @SimiKRao.

Book Details:

Language: English,  Genre: Fiction/Romance

Author(s): Simi K. Rao

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Year Published: 2015 March

Format: E-book, Edition: First, Pages: 206

ISBN-13: 978-1508757054, ISBN-10: 1508757054

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Image Courtesy: b00kr3vi3ws

Image Courtesy: b00kr3vi3ws

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