Wash the Blues Together

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

I’ve realized over the years that household chores are best done when shared. Since this fact has been validated by my father throughout, it was obviously expected that my husband would do similar things too. The fact that M (that’s my better half) has been away from home since he was 18 for academics and later job, has made things easier for me too. As I’d written in my earlier post, he has been doing his own laundry much before I shed the dependency on my mother and started doing mine.

Funny enough, he cooks better than me too. #ShareTheLoad seems to be very well applicable in our household of just over 5 years. While we were contemplating marriage, we made a list of things both of us liked doing around the house.

Cleaning utensils – Me (I don’t like the way M does it, not enough grit there, he hates it actually)

Dusting and Floor mops – Him (I don’t like the dusting part, I’m allergic and bored to death)

Cooking – Me (Weekdays), Him (Weekends). Since he likes to experiment with all kinds of exotic stuff like different meats, those are reserved for the weekends and special occasions.

Laundry – Me (I am probably one of the rare women who likes to do laundry. The aroma of a good quality detergent on squeaky clean clothes is something that freshens me up).

Our verbal pre-nuptial agreement was somewhat like above, with our chores divided equally and relevantly. Thankfully in India, we have domestic help for the first two chores daily. For the latter ones, we still do them ourselves. I do the laundry mostly as I really like it. But if it is scheduled on a weekend as per our wash cycle, M will jump on it. This, especially after our new front load washing machine arrived. He loves its features, likes to tweak the modes and even keeps staring at the glass door when the machine spins at 800 rpm during drying.

I’ll share his enthusiasm with you through these photos of M using Ariel Matic detergent for the #WashBucketChallenge to #ShareTheLoad.


M using Ariel Matic in our washing machine. Detergent Courtesy: BlogAdda

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