Favourite Christmas Books and Movies

I’m participating in this amazing blog hop where I’m probably among the rare ones bereft of any crafting, DIY or cooking skills. Leaving those to the more competent and efficient women, I’ll share my Christmas favourites with you readers, many of which have stuck with me for years.

1. Home Alone (1990) 

Can our generation even dream of a Christmas without a clip of glimpse of this movie? Given the fact that the lead child actor, Macaulay Calkin belonged to the same era, we kids could very well identify with him. I still recall the year this movie was screened in our school, on the last working day before Christmas vacations. The chill and cheer in the air were enough to usher the festive season in.

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

2. The Polar Express (2004)  Haven’t read the book, but loved the movie. The Christmas spirit and Tom Hanks intertwine to smoke up the chill.

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

3. The Gift of the Magi (1905) – O’Henry Yes, the first time I read this story, I did cry like millions other sappy romantic people. It is heart-wrenching and endearing at the same time. Can all of us act like Jim and Della? No. Can we at least try to make every Christmas better? Yes.

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

4. Little Women (1880), Loiusa May Alcott The book tears my heart and stitches it together too. It is one of the best novels I’ve ever read, anyway, be it Christmas or not. Liked the movie adaptation too.

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

5. The Family Stone (2005) This movie might not have a very high rating on IMDb and all that, neither do I love this movie too much. But it keeps a fabulous Christmas memory alive in me. Stranded in London on a no-transport Christmas Day on our honeymoon, we watched this movie with some cake and wine. What more do you want!

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

Merry Christmas then, all of you!


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9 thoughts on “Favourite Christmas Books and Movies

  1. I came here and saw your books. And I saw Ayn Rand’s books. And I thought, oh, one of us!

    A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!


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