Co-writing a novel for Team ‘Bards of the Blogosphere’ #CelebrateBlogging

So this BlogAdda came up with this novel idea of writing a novel as teamwork. Pretty usual for them to harp on unusual ideas and throw them at us, bloggers. This is definitely a challenge to the blogging community, co-writing a whole novel with 8-9 strangers. But it is indeed a great idea to bring the community together, let bloggers from all over the country know each other, support and co-work as teams.

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

They have provided us with five core characters to build our story upon. We can and will add three more to spice up the story. They will be judged by a jury panel every week and they will keep eliminating teams. At the end of three weeks, three teams will survive. The best one will be published as a book by BlogAdda. Isn’t it great?

Our team is ‘Bards of the Blogosphere’, comprising  DivyakshiPriyanka VictorArpitaDattaNupurSulekhaMariaRoshan and Priyanka Roy Banerjee. 

Image Courtesy: Roshan Radhakrishnan

Image Courtesy: Roshan Radhakrishnan

Though we have come together by sheer luck and BlogAdda’s permutation, we have gelled so well as a team that I don’t recall not knowing these people a week ago. We have brainstormed, argued politely, given each other space, stood by when any of us is busy and working, helped each other with blogging technicalities as well as nitty-gritties of writing.

I believe we can make it to the top, so does my team. Do read all our chapters, follow our Facebook page and show us some love!

Week 1: 
Chapter 1 – Princess’ Day Out
Chapter 2 – The Weekend Brunch
Chapter 3 – The Journey
Chapter 4 – The Phone Call
Chapter 5 – Through the Eyes of a Stranger
Chapter 6 – The Princess and her Pied Piper
Chapter 7 – Shadow play turns real
Chapter 8 – Mysterious Tattoo
Chapter 9 – The Confrontation

Week 2:
Chapter 1 – I’m coming to get you, Princess
Chapter 2 – The evening before
Chapter 3 – A Good morning
Chapter 4 – Trigger happy
Chapter 5 – The Calm before the storm
Chapter 6 – What lies beneath
Chapter 7 – Pandemonium
Chapter 8 – Whodunit?
Chapter 9 – Divulgence

Week 3:
Chapter 1 – Shadows in the Night
Chapter 2 – Taken
Chapter 3 – Truth and Pretence
Chapter 4 – The Perfect Crime
Chapter 5 – Standoff
Chapter 6 – The Return
Chapter 7 – Catharsis
Chapter 8 – The Reunion
Chapter 9 – Epilogue

  • You can tell Blogadda what you think of our story directly here. Best comment wins a prize from them, we believe 🙂


Image Courtesy: Divyakshi Gupta

Image Courtesy: Divyakshi Gupta

Our Facebook Page is here

One thought on “Co-writing a novel for Team ‘Bards of the Blogosphere’ #CelebrateBlogging

  1. Blogadda sure came up with a great idea and we were lucky to be grouped together in one team 🙂 The Bards of the Blogosphere have become a family and we are keeping Whatsapp busy with our late night discussions about our story 🙂 Enjoyed reading your post.


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