A New State

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

After the biggies of social media – Facebook/Twitter/Orkut – and the minis like Myspace/Treetins/Pinterest , now comes State.com – a brand new social interaction site. I can’t thank BlogAdda enough for choosing me to go through State in a trial of five days. It has been an utterly enriching experience on this new platform.

State is, of all things, very easy to register. Just add a few lines about you, throw in a profile photo and get going! The home page is very sleek and easy to navigate. It has your notifications on the left, followed by the domains of your interest – Entertainment, Food & Drink, Fashion & the Arts, Sports, Politics & Government, Books & Publishing – and many more.

My home page looks like this after a few days of ‘Stating’, if you would wish a sneak peek into it:


The home page has a few trending topics on display, which keep changing according to the trends every hour or so. You can choose any domain of interest and your display will change into trending topics from the same domain. The left column shows your latest posts you have created or participated in, and the bottom half covers the conversations you and people in your network have joined in. Like other social networks, you don’t add or follow friends here. On State.com, you ‘tune’ into people of your choice. I guess tuning is similar to adding them in your circle, so that they receive notifications of your activities.

The best part of State.com is, it doesn’t have a wall for each person. As they have mentioned in their advertisements, State is like a town square where people gather and exchange opinions on any topic under the sun. To create or comment into any topic, you need to click the red ‘State’ button. It will give you the space to write your heart out. You can pick any domain and state your opinion on any topic. You can also add a picture relevant to go with your topic, to make it more interesting. An interesting feature annexed with the topic is that, you can describe it in three or more adjectives. That’s a very concise way of stating your opinion on the topic – whether you like it/dislike it/are neutral about it. Lastly, you can ask the views of people you’re tuned in to on the topic you have stated. I think that is the agenda of State.com – to create a platform not just to interact with people all around the world, but to share opinions and ideas with them on a plethora of topics. You can compare your views on Harry Potter with perhaps a hundred more people from various countries, which gives you a fair idea of HP’s popularity and impact over others.

The trending topics show you how many people have stated their opinion on a particular topic. What’s more interesting is the grid that maps the top words people have used about the topic, with a graph showing your position based on your reaction. I loved this feature that gave me an idea whether people like the topic or not in a glimpse, not wasting much time.




Overall, I liked State.com – it is interesting, fun, unique and thought provoking. I’d like to continue ‘Stating’ even after I’m done with this product review. I’ve had great interactions with some friends and more strangers in these few days and it has been a great experience so far.

Check the State video for more information.

Happy Stating!

This review is a product review programme by Blogadda.com and State.com.

2 thoughts on “A New State

  1. Hi there! My name is Heather and I have a question about your blog that I was hoping you could answer! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!


  2. I have been liking it too.. ‘Stating all the way’. It feels good to be at a place thats less cluttered.. facebook is losing its charm..


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