Book Review : In Pursuit of a Lesser Offence

Image Courtesy: Author

Image Courtesy: Author

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A chance meeting between Avinash Vyas, a married man and Sangeet Mishra, a young divorced woman turns into something more than what they had ever wanted or asked for. Both part ways, nurturing a dislike for the other in their hearts. They meet again under different circumstances. Their prejudices keep them away until both learn that they had committed similar offences in the past that had not been fully dealt with. It was a past they wanted to avoid. What was their offence? Why do people marry? What is the relevance of the institution of marriage in modern times? Bestselling novelist Sujata Parashar’s third novel attempts to answer these questions and more as she takes you through the intricacies of modern day relationships.


Even before I opened the book, I was totally enamoured by the cover design. It appears elegant, exquisite and desolate at the same instant, carrying the promise of an extraordinary story. The blurb looked promising too with interesting situations & questions. ‘Why do people marry?’ – that is indeed a relevant query in our contemporary lives. Overall the book flaunts the look of a romance novel.

We enter the world of Sangeet and Avinash – usual names but unusual people – through flashbacks and distinctly timed chapters. They seem to share some cosmic connection and keep bumping into each other, until they finally share an office, their time and their lives. Both have tumultuous pasts that are unravelled gradually. People, marriage, spouses, children, extra marital affairs are all intertwined to create a complex web of two distinct halves. While Sangeet’s half of the story is more traumatic, Avinash’s half speaks of unfulfilled emotions.

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