31536000 and More Minutes

Image Courtesy: Google

Image Courtesy: Google

One and a Half Minutes has turned One today. I do recall this day exactly a year ago, sitting at a desk in a temporary accommodation, just arrived in a new city, aimless. I was lost in the maze of various writing assignments and perplexed to a huge extent. Surfing intently, I came across a few book blogs that grabbed my attention at once. Studying them for a day or two motivated me to revamp my blogs which lay orphaned in the virtual universe for the last few years.

I collated all previous posts in English and clamped them up to One and a Half Minutes. 14,200 views later, I don’t think I’ve done that bad a job for a non-commercial personal blog. I don’t write my heart out here, I don’t much write about personal stuff, but I weave my stories mostly on this blog. I’ve tried to put in my best effort to gift quality reviews and articles to my readers and I’m too glad when people come up and laud them.

Hang on, readers. I have a many more words for you, just keep reading and let me know if you love ’em or hate ’em.

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