A Close Shave

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

Image Courtesy: BlogAdda

R shifted uncomfortably in the uber plush revolving seat. It was his fourth day of interrogation at the Cyber Crime Branch. Not really bothering about his fate as a professional hacker, he was more interested in exploring M, the investigating officer for this case. She had her eyes on him as the prime suspect of carving through national security. He had set his goal on piercing her confidence and getting off this case without asking higher authorities for help.

M glanced at her suspect from the other side of the glass cubicle and rolled her eyes.

I hate that unclean stubble. It makes me uneasy and takes away his boyish charm. Is he too worried about the case?’

Brushing aside her little crush, M donned the persona of a stern officer and went in the interrogation cubicle.

“Care to explain these?”

She added a little drama and dropped a few documents on the table with a thud. R was startled and opened his eyes to the lady he was dreaming about. Having been up all night at home researching his way out of the allegations, he hadn’t slept a wink. Waiting for the officer in the plush leather seat cooled by the air conditioner, he had probably dozed off.

It was going to be a bad day. In order to prepare for the case and his defense, he hadn’t paid attention to grooming up in the morning. He would have to try without his handsome hacker’s charm this time.

With a sigh, he started resting his case in front of her.

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