Its Time for Breakfast


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. We give out creative writing topics each weekend for Indian bloggers.


Sheer looked around lazily through the glass and sat down, visibly bored. He had always loved this capsule elevator with a seat for the elderly.

He peeked onto the airport lawn outside, the palm trees were swaying their heads in the soothing dawn breeze. It was going to be a glorious sunny morning. Yet, he had work.

He dressed as a waiter and knocked the door of a plush suite.

‘Sir, your breakfast.’

The victim opened the door after a minute. Sheer made tea for him. Then he unlocked the ice box, took out his precious weapon and stabbed the man.

One thing he didn’t know that they were being watched.

A lady escort came out horrified of the walk-in closet after he left.

Sheer went to the changing room, dressed as himself and disposed the silicon mask he was wearing.

On his way down, the morning seemed to be even more glorious from the capsule.