Book Review : Can Love Happen Twice?

Image Courtesy : Google Images

Image Courtesy : Google Images

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When Ravin first said ‘I love you…’ he meant it forever. The world has known this through Ravin’s bestselling novel, I Too Had a Love Story. But did Ravin’s story really end on the last page of that book?

On Valentine’s Day, a radio station in Chandigarh hosts a very special romantic chat show. Ravin and his three best friends are invited as guests to talk about Ravin’s love story. But surprisingly, everyone apart from Ravin turns up. As the show goes live, there is only one question in every listener’s mind: what has happened to Ravin?

To answer this question the three friends began reading from a handwritten copy of Ravin’s incomplete second book – the entire city listens breathlessly, unable to believe the revelations that follow.

This highly anticipated novel by Ravinder Singh is an emotional rollercoaster that bravely explores the highs and lows of love.


And…I’m exasperated with the sequel too. It’s not that I had very high hopes on this one, but I had assumed the second book would be at least at par with the first one, if not better. But (<- this is the word I seem to be using the most while writing reviews on Ravinder Singh’s penmanship!) – I am indeed sorry to assure most readers that this is not worth their money, not even at Indian Rupee symbol.svg 84 after discount. The book starts better than it ends. The first few pages promise of a lean potential to carry the plot forward, but every effort turns futile after the valentine’s-day-book-reading-radio-chat-show chapter. The author drags the story along with the same protagonist Ravin from his previous book. Ravin’s depression due to various reasons is an integral part of the plot, but it is executed quite poorly on paper.

The author has etched the other protagonist in this book very shabbily. I feel pity for Simar, who deserved more and better details in the book than being portrayed as an immature and horny girl.
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