It’s amazing.

I was wondering, is it just me or the world still has an infinite capability of amazement. A single day has had me amazed so many times that I’ve practically lost count.

It’s amazing how

– t.v. serials still portray freeze shots at intense situations, when in reality, certain nano-moments can freeze your whole existence to nothingness with you still smiling stupidly and ‘normally.’
– people think you’ve changed, everyone. Except perhaps, a very old friend or two, who could read you inside out sometime.
– little things, words, can light up your whole being, coming from the most unexpected person at an equally unexpected moment.
– friends, whom you expected to ‘understand’ : fail. always.
– certain deja vu that you absolutely abhor, keep coming back, and back, and back, and back, until they succeed in nullifying all the goodness you have, wanting you to puke over them.
– certain stuff nurtured within your existence with utmost care, are torn, piece by piece, and trashed. just.
– you accept what you have to accept. and still keep arguing why you have to.

There must be more, many.